You entertain and inspire the world.
Come get paid.

Imagine millions of superfans empowering the creators they love

The current system is broken. Creators need better ways to get paid for the great content that they bring to the world. Change is needed. So we created the Partner Program. Partner Program photos and short videos are rewarded by your superfans who believe they ought to compensate—you, the creators—on a monthly basis for the continuous inspiration and entertainment that you bring to the world.

How do creators get paid?

If you’re a creator in the Partner Program, you'll earn 60% of AdShare revenue (or up to 100% via bonuses) when users view ads associated with the public content you share on Dayflash. Dayflash AdShare is similar to YouTube AdSense (Google's ad revenue share), and Twitch ad revenue share—however, on Dayflash, AdShare is monetization for creators from ad revenue associated with their photos and short-video content.

Optionally, creators can choose to monetize their content by launching memberships. If you choose to start a membership business on Dayflash, you’ll also earn money on a monthly basis when your superfans purchase your membership for $4.99/month to get access to 1) your exclusive members-only content, 2) a public membership badge next to their username, 3) an ad-free viewing experience, and 4) exclusive perks directly from you. Starting a membership business for your biggest fans is optional. Creators in the Partner Program will still earn AdShare revenue, even if they do not start a membership business on Dayflash.

Membership Preview

About Memberships

Empowering you to create on your own terms

Generate predictable, monthly revenue from your creations through your superfans—who join your membership for $4.99/month—for exclusive (members-only) access & perks; and to empower you to keep creating great content that entertains or inspires the world.

Directly connect with your superfans

Develop direct relationships with your biggest fans while giving them what they want: exclusive content and perks they won’t find anywhere else, first looks and behind the scenes sneak peaks, along with the pride of supporting your creations.

Creators who benefit...

  • Photographers
  • Entertainers
  • Visual artists
  • Bloggers
  • Musicians
  • Illustrators
  • Video creators
  • Dancers
  • Models
  • Stylists
  • Athletes
  • Creators of all kinds

How the Partner Program Works

Post content exclusively on Dayflash

Post content that your paying members can't find anywhere else. It can be a photo, a short-video, artwork, behind-the-scenes, a tutorial or any other creative content—it’s the quality of your perspective and content that counts—and content exclusivity is the attraction for memberships.

Tell fans you’re launching on Dayflash

Reach out to your fans on social channels to hear more about the kinds of membership perks they’d be interested in. As soon as you’re ready, set up your page, launch your membership and spread the word to your fans.

Form relationships by sharing your journey

Build relationships by taking your superfans along with you on your journey. Keep up the momentum by spreading the word on your social channels to bring more fans to see your exclusive content on Dayflash.

Get paid on a monthly basis

Earn money from recurring, monthly memberships and earn 60% of AdShare revenue (or up to 100% via bonuses) when users view ads associated with your public content on Dayflash.

Enjoy a unique experience

Share photos and short-videos in a unique and immersive fullscreen image display format. And, did we mention... no Home feed algorithm & no more missing posts from the people you choose to follow!

Expand your audience

Be visually inspired, build community—and connect with people who share your same passion.

Earn up to 100% of AdShare Revenue $$

If you’re one of the first 10,000 creators to apply and join the Dayflash Partner Program by October 31, 2019 (Pacific Time), then depending on the number of followers your account gains by December 31, 2019 (Pacific Time), along with the number of creators you refer, you can earn up to 100% of ad revenue from your content on Dayflash during the first year of AdShare.