Why we created Dayflash?

We published a short YouTube video to explain our motivation for creating Dayflash. Check it out...https://youtu.be/aaklXEojlEg

How do I upload a photo?

Go to the Dayflash camera. Swipe left or tap the button located on the bottom left corner of the camera (the button that shows a number on it). Then tap the "Upload photo" button, which will be located at the bottom left corner on your screen.

Why does my horizontal photo automatically rotate and display fullscreen? Users will tilt their phone to view my photo in this case. However, I see some horizontal photos are not rotated.

Dayflash displays photos in an immersive, fullscreen style by default. If the size of the horizontal image being uploaded is fully horizontal (i.e., the aspect ratio is greater than 4:3), then the image shared will be rotated and displayed in fullscreen style. In any other case, the image will not rotate. Fullscreen display style is part of what makes Dayflash different and special. An update might be released in the future so you can control the auto-rotation behavior.

What is a Reflash?

A Reflash is a re-posting of a photo, but what’s new (and special) about a reflash compared to a regular repost is that all views, likes, and comments that get added to a Reflash also get added to the original post! Dayflash’s Reflash feature helps you and others quickly share (or repost) a photo with all of your friends and followers while automatically giving photo credit and more views to the original poster... from your friends & followers who view your reflash. Just tap on the Reflash button to reflash the photos you love to your friends & followers on Dayflash.

Can I reflash videos?

For now, only photos can be reflashed. Video reflashing will become available in a future app update.

What does a Reflash look like?

Reflashes look like normal photos with the author's username next to it, but are distinguished by the Reflash icon and the name of the person who Reflashed the photo. If you see content from someone you do not follow in your timeline, look for the Reflash info in the caption of the photo— the Reflasher should be someone you follow.

Where do Reflashes appear?

You can see Reflashes shared by the people you follow in your Home feed, on other people’s Dayflash and on the Explore tab. If someone pins a reflash photo to their profile page, the image is displayed with the original poster’s username on it so that way people can easily distinguish a reflashed take from an original take on someone’s profile page

Your photos that others have reflashed show up in your You notifications tab. There you will see all activities in connection with your photos—including which have recently been Reflashed and by whom. You will also get notified each time any of your photos (which get reflashed) get likes or comments on it. Plus all views, likes, and comments that get added to a reflashed post also get added to the original post.

Why did we create Reflash?

“I’ve been experiencing a shortcoming over the past several months. Although I don’t always have photos to share, I’m oftentimes visually inspired and love to connect with the community on Dayflash. What if photo sharing wasn’t just about sharing your own content, but more so about celebrating each others content? So maybe when you see a photo you love, you can repost it (or feature it) to your friends while giving photo credit? But it’s not as fast and easy to repost the photos I love on my feed (with photo credit) so that my friends and followers can see them too. What’s more is when I repost a photo to my friends and followers, the original post doesn’t gain the additional likes and views that get added to my repost. To me, that’s a big deal. If I repost your photo with photo credit and 100 of my friends and followers see that repost, and 70 of them give it a Like, then I feel like your original post should show 100 more views and 70 more likes and you should get notified each time someone liked it.” - Rupali Renjen, Co-founder, Dayflash

That’s why we’re introducing Reflash. Now you can be a part of the first-ever reflasher movement which is about connecting with the community to celebrate each other as fellow reflashers and creators. We foresee a future of millions of reflashers and creators connecting with one another to celebrate each other and have conversations around the photos they love.

So, if you’re oftentimes visually inspired and love to connect with the community, now you can be a featured reflasher and reflash the photos you love to your friends and followers while connecting with fellow reflashers and awesome creators! And as a creator, now your photos can reach and inspire more people from around the world—thanks to a growing community of reflashers!

Reflash makes it faster, easier and more worthwhile to repost or feature photos you love (with photo credit) while connecting and growing with a community of fellow reflashers and creators!

What happens to my photos after sharing?

Photos that you share stay on the Dayflash part of your profile for 24 hours. After 24 hours, you can go to your pin page (by tapping on the small grey pin button that's on your profile) and there you can choose to pin select photos to your profile history so that other people can see your pinned photos when they visit your profile page.

My photos are no longer showing on my profile. How do I display them?

This is related to the previous question. Please tap the small grey pin button on your profile. The pin button is located on the right side of where the "HISTORY" label is on your profile. Photos you share stay on the Dayflash part of your profile for 24 hours and after 24 hours they automatically move to your pin page that only you can see so you can choose which photos you want to keep displayed on your profile.

Are there hashtags?

Hashtags are NOT supported on posts. Search and discovery on Dayflash is powered by the KEYWORDS you add to your account when you edit your profile. Be sure to add popular keywords as well as niche keywords that are relevant to your account, so that more people can discover your account via Explore, Suggested Users and Search.

To set keywords to your account, simply go to your profile, tap Edit Profile, and then add keywords.

What are Karma Boosts and Alien Encounters on Dayflash?

You may encounter an alien 👽 on Dayflash at any time as you’re viewing photos and videos on your Home feed, Explore feed, or Trending Now feed. If you do encounter an alien on any of these three feeds, that alien will temporarily Karma Boost your Dayflash to the top of Explore so more users can see the photos/videos you shared today! You’ll encounter an alien whenever you’ve collected a lot of karma throughout the day by sharing, viewing and engaging with fresh photos/videos from lots of Dayflash users. You can encounter an alien every day. And you'll get notified each time you receive a Karma Boost from an alien. Posts with a Karma Boost are displayed on Explore with a shooting star. 💫

To qualify for an alien encounter on Dayflash, your account must be public, must have at least 50 followers, must follow the community guidelines, and must have a positive reputation within the community on Dayflash.

How do I give app-related feedback or suggestions?

If you have ideas or suggestions on how we can improve the app, please do share them with us by sending us an email: contact@dayflashco.com. Even though we can't reply to every suggestion we receive, someone will certainly read your message and it'd be great to hear your suggestions, things you don't like, things you love or ideas you might have for the app.

What are the Dayflash community guidelines?

In a nutshell...

We want Dayflash to continue to be an authentic and safe social community for inspiration and expression. Help us create this community. Share only your own photos and videos and always follow the law. Respect everyone on Dayflash, don’t post nudity and don't spam people.

In more detail...

We created Dayflash Community Guidelines so you can help us support and protect our awesome community. By using Dayflash, you agree to these guidelines and our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Dayflash is committed to these guidelines and we hope you are too. Breaking these guidelines may result in deleted content, disabled accounts, or other restrictions.

  • Only share photos and videos that you’ve captured, own or have the right to share.
  • We know that there are times when people might want to share nude images that are artistic or creative in nature, but for a variety of reasons, we don’t allow nudity on Dayflash.
  • Foster meaningful and genuine interactions. Help us stay spam-free by not artificially collecting followers or likes, or by posting comments or content that is repetitive.
  • Always follow the law. Dayflash is not a community that supports or praises terrorism, hate groups, or organized crime.
  • We have no tolerance when it comes to sharing sexual content involving minors or threatening to post intimate images of others.
  • Serious threats of harm to both public and personal safety are not allowed. Respect other members of the Dayflash community. We want to encourage a positive and diverse community.
How can I delete my photos and/or profile info?

To delete your photos, you can simply tap on each photo, tap on the options button that’s located in the bottom right corner, and then tap delete. To delete photos that you haven't pinned to your profile page, simply tap on the grey pin button that’s on your profile page to access all of the photos you’ve shared over 24 hours ago, and delete each photo accordingly.

To delete the content from your profile bio, tap edit profile and then delete all content. To delete your profile avatar, tap on your avatar, and then tap delete photo.

How can I delete my account?

To delete your account, please follow the steps below. These steps are necessary for security reasons.

  1. Delete all of your photos and content from your Dayflash profile. Help on how to do that is provided in the previous question above.
  2. Email your username to contact@dayflashco.com from the same email address associated with your Dayflash account. Your username must be specified in the email in order for your request to be processed. Please also include the phrase "Delete Account Request" in the subject line so your request can be forwarded to the appropriate support team.